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While spending a bit of time this weekend working on a new color scheme for I came across the need to be able to add a hyperlink to an image (html IMG tag) using jquery. Why would I want to do that? Well, to be honest I didn’t want to go in and modify the “skin” on my DotNetNuke site, but I did want to create a link on the “HeaderGraphic” image in the skin. Originally that image didn’t link anywhere, now, as I am working on fundraising for the The LIVESTRONG Challenge Davis even on June 24, 2012, I wanted to link that graphic to my “Philanthropy” page.

Doing this in jQuery is rather easy to do assuming you have a way to target the element, in this case I can target the .HeaderGraphic class (part of the MultiFunction skin for DotNetNuke).

Here is the sample code for adding a hyperlink to an image using jQuery.

                 $('<a>').attr('href', '/philanthropy.aspx')

In order to safely embed this into a DotNetNuke page I’ve added it into the Header setting in the Module Settings for one of the modules at the bottom. That particular module is configured to Display On All pages using the module settings.

If you found this code to be help, I ask that you please donate to my cause on the Philanthropy page. Donate what you feel is appropriate.

So a friend of mine got me thinking about making some changes to tonight, mainly putting Google Adsense ads into the RSS feed for the site.

Before I do that though, which I think is fairly easy, I figured I would make a post about it and solicit feedback.

Do you have your blog included here on, would you be offended if ads were included into the RSS feed?

Do you read via the RSS feed (most people do, the site gets minimal traffic but good RSS stats), would you be opposed to ads included in the feed?

Let me know! has been updated to the latest release of DNN 05.01.03, the upgrade went very smooth and the site seems to be running even better. The site is also running a prerelease version of Engage: Publish that also has a number of performance fixes as well.

I don't know if anyone else besides me and one of my Dutch brethren get annoyed by this, but you might have noticed a lot of twitter spam for DotNetNuke (DNN) topics lately (every day for the past month or more) from a certain company out of New Zealand (I won't even bother to mention their name as I don't want to promote them).

If you are sick of seeing all their spam (they post the SAME links to blog posts over and over each day, they have an automated script that does this, I've seen them talk about it in their tweets) then I would recommend doing the following. If you are a twitter user do the following.

  1. Follow @spam on twitter, it's the spam account that twitter runs.
  2. Send a Direct Message to the @spam account with the name of the account that is spamming, ex: "D spam OFFENDINGACCOUNTNAME"
  3. Get your friends to do the same.

Hopefully the company will come across this post and realize how annoying they are actually being to those of us in the DotNetNuke community who try to follow and respond to DNN related tweets. All their crap coming across on twitter makes it hard for those of us who try to provide a useful service for people struggling with DNN.

Perhaps they will clean up their act, I doubt it though as I've tried to send them messages in the past on twitter without receiving any response.

-Chris Hammond (


I took some time last week and got upgraded to the latest version of DNN, 5.1.2, and also made a few other enhancements. I’ll be testing out some more enhancements over the next few days. For those blogs who can’t seem to syndicate good HTML in their feeds we’ll be stripping all HTML and trimming the descriptions down for posting on the home page.

We will however still link directly to the blogs, just as we’ve always done. At DNNBlogs we don’t intent to try to steal your content for our own purposes like some other aggregation sites, we post your syndicated content and link directly to your posts, not to another page on our site.


We also corrected a problem with permissions which was preventing people from being able to add URLs or modify existing URLs, if you run into any problems of that nature please let us know immediately.

This morning I made some minor tweaks to this morning. We now have a new category for Japanese DNN Blogs. You can get the RSS feed from the links on our pages with the other categories now as well.

I've also modified the RSS feeds to include the author information in the feed, I'm still waiting for Feedburner to propagate these changes to verify they work, but it should make it easier when subscribing to our feeds to see who made the blog post before clicking on the link in your RSS Reader.

So with the success of the website here at we've branched out and started providing two new RSS feeds. One for Spanish DNN blog posts and one for Chinese DNN Blog posts. As we get other languages supported with new feeds we will setup categories for those as well. If you've been holding off submitting your feed because it isn't in english now is the time to add it!

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